Teaser Episode – Andrea Gibbons

Dr. Andrea Gibbons is a researcher at the Sustainable Housing and Urban Studies Unit at The University of Salford where she works on housing, homelessness and public health. She holds a PhD in geography from The London School of Economics. Her forthcoming book, City of Segregation: 100 Years of Struggle for Housing in Los Angeles is scheduled for release by Verso in 2018.

“When you fight to change something, that’s when you really understand what power is, ’cause you always hit a wall [. . . ] That was written into my original proposal this idea that I wanted to explore those limits and the only way to really do that is through what people had tried to achieve and why that failed.”

Spatialized Introductory Announcement

Spatialized is a podcast navigating critical geography. Our episodes are about geographers and other critical scholars who thrive within (and outside of) the confines of the academic Ivory Towers.

We produce shows in three formats: first, in-depth interviews with researchers about how they conduct and communicate their research while navigating the minefields of the job-hunt, tenure, and university institutional dogmas; second, themed shows tackling important issues or telling fascinating stories about the production of knowledge, scholar-activism and general life in the academy; and finally, short segments about anything we find curious, innovative, frustrating, or helpful.