SPATIALIZED is a podcast about geographers and other critical thinking scholars who thrive within (and outside of) the confines of academic Ivory Towers. We produce shows in three formats: (i) in-depth interviews with researchers about how they conduct and communicate their research while navigating the minefields of the job-hunt, tenure, and university institutional dogmas; (ii) themed shows tackling urgent issues or telling fascinating stories about the production of geographic knowledge; and (iii) short segments about anything we find curious, innovative, frustrating, or helpful.

Think of SPATIALIZED as a series of ‘how to’ conversations about thriving, resisting, writing, educating, researching, and general badassery.

Like many scholars engaged in critical spatial research, we tend to ignore arbitrary lines of discipline. Our broad objective is to encourage and strengthen critical research and debates within geography, urban studies and more broadly social sciences concerned with space, place, power, inequality and social change. We aim to do so by spotlighting leading and early career researchers and educators who we think are ‘killing it’ as well as exploring the crafts of successful scholarship.

Tucker Landesman

SPATIALIZED is hosted by Dr. Tucker Landesman @YoSoyTucker

Tucker is an independent scholar and writer with a multi-disciplinary background. He holds a PhD in Human Geography & Urban Studies from the London School of Economics. He also studied Public Health in Buenos Aires and International Relations and Women’s Studies in Washington, DC. As he transitioned between disciplines, his broad research interests remained focused on the state, power and social change. His doctoral dissertation examined urban planning and governance programs targeting segregation and socio-spatial division between self-built favela neighborhoods and the so-called “formal city” in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. SPATIALIZED is the fruit of Tucker’s love for podcasts and his desire to contribute to the production of knowledge and community through novel mediums.

Archetypal Media

SPATIALIZED is executive produced by Archetypal Media, a boutique, issues-driven media agency based in New York City.  Led by co-founders and creative directors, Brian and Jen Ackerman, the duo combines a wealth of experience in government relations, management consulting, advertising, and documentary film production to provide affordable, high-quality media production and marketing services for academics, non-profits, and progressive advocates.